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Laura Beatrix Newmark founded #Comedyistheresistance in early 2017 as a way to combat her highly frustrated response to the 2016 election. Finding political comedy and her Angry Haikus of the Day as the only means to breathe out, she's excited for this platform to aggragate political comedy and post about the shows she is producing called #Nasty Women - A Night of Female Resistance Comedy. 

Laura got her start in comedy early, quoting a young stand-up named Jay Leno at her bat mitzvah, watching every episode of The Jon Stewart Show and then sneaking into a comedy club to tell him she was Jewish, then managing a roster of stand-ups and improv artists and leading up to her greatest creative role yet of being the mom to Elias Pablo and Milo Liev with her fire-juggling-lapsed husband Matthew.

Laura holds a BA in Urban Studies with a concentration in English from Barnard College.